Dimension Clash part 1

DimensionClashpart1In this dimension that we now live in Trey Dravix is just another 16 high school boy about five feet six, brown curly hair, average grade, not the strongest or fastest in the class but still in shaped, popular with his friends and short tempered . Now this is just in our world but what if this was in another time and dimension? Will it be a better life or worse? How will these changes affect his life? Well your about to enter a world of unknown some just like us. Some are far off different, In another time, and universe.

“Master Trey rise and shine.” Trey woke up and opened his eyes to his personal android and closing his eyes again “Morning Cilia please grab me my cloths.” Trey replied quietly he got up from his bed stretching and dragging himself to the bathroom. “Master I have set your cloths on the bed and your mother and father ask you to come down to breakfast this morning.” Before Trey could replied the android left the room leaving him no choice but to come downstairs and sit with his parents. He walked up and took his tooth brush which looked like a pen but instead shot out a long colorful laser on the tip. He put the laser in his mouth for a second or too and was done brushing his teeth. As he was putting on his cloths, he heard a tap on his door. “Almost done!” Trey shouted, he put on his pants and his shirt squirming through the gas neck collar shirt because man kind has ruined there own air by creating machines running on newly found substance thought to be eco friendly but in reality made toxic gas invisible to human or technology. They call this gas O7 because it contains 7 substances of harmful gas and one oxygen molecule. Trey opened up his door to see his 7 year old sister, Salina looking up at him. “What do you need sis?” hoping she would just go away I added “I’m coming down you don’t have to remind me.” “I know Trey I just wanted my teddy bear I left in here yesterday.” Trey did not understand for awhile what his sister meant but then he understood. Trey yelled at his sister “You where in my room?!?!” “No silly, Mrs. Poopsies was she wanted to see her friend Teddy Beddy.” “His name is Teddy Betty! Now take your ugly doll and leave!” Trey hated his sister so much he screamed out in rage “I hate you and I wish you where gone and never came back!’ Slamming the door he laid on his bed thinking about what he just said and why he did that. He loved his sister it’s just she gets on his nerves so much. After awhile he remembered he had to go down and sit with his parents.
He walked down stairs as slowly as possible hoping they forgot about him and let him be. When he walked into the Eating room his father yelled out while laughing “Son come over here and sit down! Your mother was just telling me a joke about that old fool living next to our estate. He spent 5 million dollars on a mansion but it only had 10 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms! What a waste of good money if you ask me.” Trey down next to my sister “The house androids brought out toast and sausages with teapots hot for father and cold for mother just they way they like it. While Trey was sitting there on the side of our estate we heard a loud explosion. We walked out to the front of our house. What happened that day might change Trey’s life forever he saw an army of K-12 unit soldier bots heading towards them they had a long head but a hard metal called Tri-Steel combining the worlds 3 strongest steel with a powder making it the strongest steel ever made. K-12 where there to enforce laws and keep peace what where they doing here? The K-12 bots walked up to his door steps and aimed laser gun at him. But before he was shot a man jumped out of no where and pushes Trey aside falling on the cold hard ground, the beam hitting his parents. “Nooooo Mother!! Father!!!. The man stood up and kicked one of the robots in the head knocking it together with the other robot destroying two at once. He jumped into the air landing on one of the bots shoulders and punching his hands into the robots heads creating a large dent in it. After a minute or two the whole yard was filled with robot parts from the K-12. The man looked at Trey and his family. The mysterious man slowly and in a hoarse voice said to them “Hello my name is Graver, get out of here while you can.” He fainted. Trey looked at the man and looked back at his parents he was about to cry but needed to stand strong infront of his sister. When he felt like he could take it no longer he cried in pain and despair. Trey now wished more then ever that he had spent more time with his parents. They where gone no longer able to spend time with them.
When Graver woke up he opened up his eyes, he saw that he was looking up to the ceiling. He sat up cringing in pain. “Don’t move, my brother will be right back” he saw it was the little girl she had red eyes and her sleeves where wet probably with tears.. Trey came into and sat down. Graver also noticed his red eyes and his wet sleeves. Trey trying to ignore the topic washed Graver’s injuries. “Please sit still for awhile, you got cuts and bruises all over your body for fighting the bots,” As he was washing Graver shoulder and hands he noticed several tattoos and etchings on his skin. “Those are the marks of a Paladin” Graver said Surprising Trey that he noticed him looking at it.. Trey said to Graver “Why where the bots attacking us? Why are you here? What is a Paladin?” Graver sat and thought for a bit thinking how to explain to the young man his questions. “ Those bots had been built underground from a man named Zack Draptrolius. He has made bots and intend to attack earth and leave this place bare without no trees or life left. After he is done with his mission he will leave this planet on his newly invented ship making him travel faster then any Distance Warper we have made today going 9 million Light years a second.” “But how? The fastest we have made was a 1 million light years maximum. How have he made this?” replied Trey. “I will tell you more later, right now we must leave and go far before they come back to attack you again. The only reason they attacked you because you where the choosen one the one who can change the past, future, and present.” Trey was confused but before he could ask another question because he heard explosions out side. “Come on we have to leave now before they find us again.” Graver stood up wincing In pain but he could hold his own weight that was for sure. Trey noticed Graver taking out a napkin and threw it on the floor. “Kids step on the napkin now this will transport you into my house. Be careful don’t touch anything until I get there. To afraid to defy him Trey took his sister and lead her onto the napkin as he stepped on it a beam of light appeared and he was sucked in.


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