9803ME is the license plate number of a 1 ton Chevy or GMC dually Truck, blue and white, it had a slide in cabover camper in the back. From what I can remember, Must have had a 454 engine, because they made some good attempts to run us off the road, and we were in a Trans Am.

It was along time ago but from what I remember, we heard the girl refusing to do something, It sounded as if she was struggling with someone. And one of the guys was yelling at her, and the other guy was telling him to leave her alone. just as it sounded like the one guy dispersed the situation. we heard the first shot. She let out a scream, then multiple shots silenced her. we were running back to the car 1/100th of a second later. It was in Gitchie Manitou. The two guys we saw with the truck and camper, looked mid 20’s. I saw the truck once in Sioux Falls after. Follow it, but a short older guy got out and went around to the passenger door and open the door for his wife, I guess without a body or missing person it was just a hard to believe the story. Now I hope the detective calls and tells me that my story and his cold case aren’t related.
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Cold Case Murder mystery – 2014/03/07 20:26 I have told you guys some of my stories from the past. I might have told my 9803ME story. where we went to this abandon park on a friday night to scare a class mate. and heard what we thought was a girl being murdered with a shotgun. we all ran to our car in fear but when we got to the car we drove to another entrance to the park where we heard the arguing screams and shotgun blast. there was only 1 vehicle there, a 1 ton dually with a cabover camper, with two guy standing at the back door, we had to drive right past them, and it dead ended us into the park, so we had to pass them coming out, they didn’t seem friendly. they quickly followed us out and we ditched them on some farm roads, then we ended up coming up behind them, while they were parked on the side of this gravel backroad, they were in the ditch, but got into there truck and chased use when we past, attempting to run us off the road at 100mph. I was in the back seat of the firebird or like car, and got there license plate number, its a log story but, last week I bought a new used truck, and got carfax to check the history. it show that you could look up the cars by plate number, I still remember 9803ME from 35 yrs ago. So I plug it in, It didn’t work. Yesterday, when I turned on the computer and they had this Cold case solved with DNA from 30 yrs a go. We never had a body to go along with what we heard. So I typed in Cold Case Iowa, And in 10 minutes I found a cold case that matched what we heard only 10 miles from where we were. She was found in a ditch, I google earthed the area that they said she was found, and it could be the same place we saw the truck where they were in the ditch. I called the detective this morning, Did not sleep last night. we did tell the police that night, but they told us to go home. Wilma June Nissen was the girls name.
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Re:Cold Case Murder mystery – 2014/03/12 18:45 I was looking at some of this info on this girl. And they said that she was shirtless. thinking about it today. I remember when we were coming up behind the truck when they were on the side of the gravel road. I was in the back seat, And Todd and Dean said there they are, I remember them saying that the guy was throwing something in the ditch, I think I asked if it was a body and the said no. they said one of the guys tossed something as he was running to get into the truck, as we were driving up. I think I was asking what they tossed, and they both said a shirt at the same time, they were both looking toward the ditch. it must have only made it to the the side of the road, because the they both confirmed that it was a shirt. It was after we past them that they tried to ram us. I think that’s when I got the Plate number.
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Re:Cold Case Murder mystery – 2014/03/12 20:12 I took my kayak to cochiti today, and paddled to the river. A couple days ago when I went the same route, I had a beaver nearly jump into my boat. two of them were swimming around and they slapped there tails when I got close, It made me think of the original Gitchie Gang story from 8th grade. It was dark when we walked into Gitchie Manitou. I think Todd and I had already set up out sleeping gear at the covered fire place. then walked back to look for Kim. seem like we had found him at the Hiway 38 railroad bridge. It might have been the time I tried Kim’s chew and got dizzy and fell off the bridge. But we ended up walking back to Gitchie on the hiway 11. as we walked into Gitchie maybe 50yrd before the cover fire pit. We heard what I thought was someone throwing big rocks into the river. we stopped in out tracks and listen, and it happend every 30 seconds. We might have discussed bigfoot, but Kim said it sounded like Beaver tails slapping, I said no way cause it was 10 time louder than any beaver tail that I had heard, It had us scared and I think it started to rain, I started to laugh and started walking to where I thought the cover was. We started a fire and something happened that scared us again, so we all took our buck knives out. and slept with them open ready to defend ourselves. we all sleep side by side, in front of the fire place, In the morning Kim woke me up and said, “do you see that” pointing at the big log in front of the fireplace. It had 3 knives sticking in it. I was sleeping on my knife in my sleeping bag, I search my bag thinking that it can’t be my knife in the log. we woke Todd up and showed him, we packed up and headed home. We decided to call ourselves the Gitchie Gang, because everyone was afraid to go to Gitchie, because there were several stories of people being murdered there.
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Re:Cold Case Murder mystery – 2014/03/12 20:39 Ok the gitchie gang story is 8th grade. and the second gitchie story, where I think the girl was murdered is between the summer after 8th grade and 10th grade. If you look at the date they found Wilma June Nissen, If She is who were heard, it puts the story in the summer or end of summer. maybe football season 9th grade. I remember driving my 72 Datsun to school one morning, a few months after the murder story. and hearing on the radio that a body was found in a ditch, that was shot several times with a shotgun, I was going up and down the hills on roller coaster hills and the radio was cutting out. And I listed to see if they would repeat it. then tried different stations, to see if they were reporting the same. I thought for sure that the police would get back to us. nothing happened, and I think that no one believed me. seemed no one was listening to that station. I think I called the Sioux Falls radio stations, and found nothing. I think the radio announcement was wrestling season.
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Re:Cold Case Murder mystery – 2014/03/12 21:13 Several years after high school. I went down to Gitchie searching for the little bridge that I remembered from the chase, seemed like it was just past where the Truck was pulled over and the guy tossed the shirt into the ditch. I thought it was right at Gitchie. I had gone a few miles South and a few miles east. nothing seem familiar. I went into Gitchie. to where I was thinking we were when we heard the episode. It seem like the would have been within 50ft of us, but it seemed like an odd place for someone to be,I walked over to the fire pit. where we had camped, it seemed run down. A lady with here dog came in. and we had ended up talking for a while. I told her the story and that I was just trying to put pieces together. She lived close and said that one time there was blood splattered all over in the fireplace building we were standing in and that the police had checked it out, she was convince that it was related to my story. I told here that it wasn’t because we were 75 yards away. and it seemed like they were within 50ft of us. It was just too far away for us to hear anything as good as we did, As we parted she made another attempt to convince me that it could have been right there, She thought that the police even found shells. Seem like she told me to where the police dept. was in Larchwood.
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Re:Cold Case Murder mystery – 2014/03/12 21:30 I went to the police station in Larchwood Ia. And asked if any chance there was a girls that was shot 5 times that was found in a ditch, I told here the story. She thought that maybe there was. But we were at some type of substation and that the people that would know that were at the other station. But she knew who to talk too. and that I should call her back the next day and she would find out. When I called her back she said that the girl they had didn’t match my story. they knew who had killed the person she was thinking it could be. and that it was some local old farmer. And that she was the only person that was found in a ditch. she told me most likely that we just thought we heard what we did.
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Re:Cold Case Murder mystery – 2014/03/12 22:03 I was out shooting trap this last sunday. and when we go done, As I was walking to the clubhouse. I was listening to all the shotgun blast, and thought that they don’t seem that loud. and thinking back to the shotgun blast in Gitchie. that they seems so loud. we would have to have been 20ft in front of the blast, for it to seem so loud. Today while I was at cochiti kayaking back, I was looking for the Beaver. there weren’t there today. but I thought, how come the beaver tail slaps from the Original Gitchie story were so loud, we must have been 40yrds or more from the water. And the shotgun blast from the murder story seemed so loud,and we didn’t see any flash. you would think that we would have seen light from the blast if we were that close, I don’t remember any light, is was really dark. the place we heard the Beaver in the Gitchie Gang Story was close to where we were when we heard the scream and shotgun blast. Maybe I’m just getting old and don’t hear as well as I use too. but even Kim decided that the beaver slaps seemed way to loud. and that was when we were young, Maybe Fear amplifies your hearing, or something about that spot we were amplified sound, I bring this up because, it one of these is true, it could mean that the lady with the dog was right and the murder happened in the fireplace shelter. and the police have the shells from the shotgun. and you would think that the shells would have fingerprints. If it happened where I thought it happened, they would have been in the tall grass, and I’d bet those two, didn’t pick up there shells. Which brings up something else I was thinking, back when we drove into Gitchie and saw them, as we drove up to them with our headlights on them one of them made what seem like an agressive move. and I though o shit he’s getting his gun. but then he stopped. and they watched us drive by. I know we just went into a dead end and had to drive past them to get out. I didn’t tell Todd or Dean, but I thought we were about to get shot. when we passed them the second time. but they stood there staring at us. If they had a gun, they could have took two steps and shoved a shotgun right through the window. They must not have watched westerns, I think they emptied there gun on the girl. and they forgot to reload. Or we’d be dead.
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Re:Cold Case Murder mystery – 2014/03/12 22:44 Something I saw on this morning about the Wilma June Nissen murder case, was that they think that they caught the guy, and charged him in 2009. but that they couldn’t charge him with murder, I think it said he was some 80 yr old farmer, that kind of matches what the lady told me at the Larchwood Police dept. or Sheriffs substation. So maybe I have tried to connect this girl to my story before. but it was before they knew who she was. I don’t think they knew her name til 2007. The lady had assured me that she couldn’t be the girl from my story. and that there was no reason for me to give her a written copy of my story. She seemed to think that they had the girls killer. Maybe if your convinced that you have the right guy. you don’t want to listen to someone’s story that doesn’t match what they think. or maybe this girl wasn’t shot with a shotgun, It says the the cause of death is unknown. How could you miss cause of death if she was shot 5 times with a shotgun. one of the reports tells that she was unrecognizable from the front and that her jaw was missing. and that’s what made me think she could be the girl from my story. when I called the detective to tell him my story last week. He said it would take a week or two to check out the info I told him. If she wasn’t shot several times with a shotgun, you would think he would have said, can’t be related this cold case.


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