Don’t ask me to change my poetry

damtcmypDon’t ask me to change my poetry again

I got a bad review,a terrible review
“Give it up” it said
Please stop writting, you stupid fool
We don’t want to read anymore of your shit
Your wasting your time
Your poetry’s crap
Can’t even spell, punctuations non existent
So I’ll write for my fans I’ve only got two
But they like my work so f..k you

I’ll put pen to paper
Join beautiful words
Write a poem for the masses
I could use big words
I don’t understand, look to the dictionary for every line
Leave a blankness in your head
Wondering what the hell it said

From this poem your feel astounded
Magnificent,marvellous, absolutly gorgeous
All the beautiful words I’ve put down
Look lovely, sound wonderful
But don’t mean a thing

I’ll tell you what is little-known
What school is like if you actually go
I never went to college you see
No chance of a university degree
Pretty much what you see
Is what you tend to get with me

I don’t know how to write poetry
All I know is what’s inside of me
The rawness, blatant truth
Sometimes happy, mostly not
My writing will shock
Make you see some truth
As raw as possible, this is what I do
I’ll never sugar coat things
Make them easier to swallow
The big wide worlds out there and its ****ING horrible
African children dying in pain
Their mother’s tits sliced off,raped and maimed
Our boys fighting an endless war
So those countries can have much more
Children blowing themselves up
As their told its the way to God
This governments *****people are freezing
As our war veterans can’t afford the heating
What kind of world is this that we live
When people are starving,dying and sick

Don’t ask me to change my poetry again
Or I’ll shout it from the roof of your office building


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