I am a little restless with the sound of a child screaming
It’s hard to keep breathing
I try to shut my ears to it
That tiny thing screaching
Walk away real fast
To stop the intensified feelings
Of that baby wailing

It’s easier to stay away
All alone in my home
When it’s her first birthday
I’d rather stay at home

I could never hold your daughter
With those tiny little hands
Watch her pursed rose bud lips
These things I couldn’t stand
The smell of warm milky breath
The suckling noise they make
This tiny person all brand new
These things I couldn’t take
I could never change a nappy
Or pat her back to burp
With her little eyes all glazed
It just wouldn’t work

Please don’t think me selfish
As you can never see
Or feel the hurt of the childless
Your never feel as me
My insides are empty
From hope throughout the years
That never amounted to nothing
I spend some days in tears
That inside I’m broken
My heart it cracked in two
For the wanting of a baby maybe even two

When she grows up and gets married
Has a baby of her own
Then your be a granny
But I’ll still be alone


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