Before you judge

byjBefore you judge us

Before you judge me tell me one thing
Do you know how dew feels in the early morning
Do you know what timber makes that crackling sound
When you sit by a fire on open ground
Tell me how bright the stars do shine
While lying on your back with your lover beside
Why do weeping willows weep
They cry for the humans souls they keep
How do bluebell woods look in May
A carpet of fragrance such beauty are they

So before you tell me we can’t stay
What do you know about the land that we lay
We may be different, gypsies are we
But we love these lands more than you see
We travel around from woods to creak
Past babbling brooks and chestnut trees
By steaming streams and Rocky mounts
We love this land, why doesn’t this count
Romany women so small and beautiful

Tell me how midnight sounds while sleeping on hallowed ground
The night it creeps into your embrace
The perfect partner love can make

Before you judge me tell me this
What sound streams make when meeting lakes
While rivers join the big wide sea
How does it feel when admiring these
Tall trees sore the open sky
The most beautiful colours with the sun rise

So before you judge us and make us move on
Have a care for what your doing
As we are still human

We’re love this land until the day we die
This is where we started our lives


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