easeDo not carve me into stone

Shortening my breath everyday
Ease, don’t carve me into stone
I’m not quiet ready
These insecurities in me,
I swear there killing me
So please don’t judge me
Just give me a minute
Time to reflect
On the things I’ve done
All I regret
Please don’t set me into this mould yet

I see this eternity as a catastrophe
A never ending cycle of hurt
Constantly seeking me out
Chipping away at my head, pulling at my scalp

Ease, don’t carve me into stone I beg
I’m not sure if I can do it
Loose myself to something as this
I felt the flutter
A butterfly under the skin
This decision will determine everything

But a life as this in my hands
With all the bad things I ‘ve done
How can I decide the fate of a human
As I’ll never be particular in weather
you should have tea for breakfast or cider
Eating pudding before your food hasn’t been a problem for me
I have no right in saying what’s best for this life
I’m a dribbling mess most of the time
Why do people not take these things into consideration
before reproducing

This act could determine all of eternity
Like a spider web deciding how many birds will hatch
Everything is connected
This child could be, when it’s grown inside of me
The balance between good and evil
As thoughts of responsibility consume me
And motherhood looms
Ease don’t carve me into stone
Don’t know if I’ll make it alone


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  • Just!ne

    This poem is awesome! I often wonder now if people realize the importance of parenthood, the vitality of rearing a child in this tainted world of ours.

    Also, pudding is delightful, and should be eaten more often.

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