Deni: the girl lost in imagination

Deni--the-girl-lost-in-imaginationCHAPTER 1

it was late afternoon when Joann and Nick picked me up. I remember the smell of their rusted old truck as I sat in the backseat. I even remember Nick and Joann talking about the payment bills and something called cocaine. I was 3 years old when my dad left my mom . I was 4 when my mom died. My other family wouldn’t take me in so I went to foster care where I spent 4 years learning to not have anybody to love and to not have anybody to love me. When Joann came inside I was scared. I could smell a horrid smell as she walked towards me.  She leaned down and gave me a smile. I nearly screamed when I saw her broken down, brown and yellow teeth. But I didn’t. I only stood there in shook. But I never realized that when I was adopted I was really adopted into….. HOPE.


the trailor that I now lived in smelled like rats and my “room” was only an old rusted bed with a mirror and one drawer night stand. The only light was from a dim light bulb swaying on the ceiling and the light coming into the room from the small peek hole window. the only bathroom was at the end of the hallway and was always dirty.



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