Storybook Island: Chapter 1

Storybook-Island--Chapter-1Storybook Island

Chapter One

Rain falls on the oceans ever changing surface and sends ripples through it that seamlessly dissipate into the body of waters spuratic movements. A violent storm was coming through that would tear apart anything in its path. It was night time and the full moon shined through a hole in the clouds like a divine light of hope in a dark world. The only sounds seemed to be the sound of the angry ocean battering away at itself. Then just over the horizon riding the waves a ship came into sight. Its masts were tall enough to pierce the sky. Its sails were a menacing blood red hue. The wind pushed the ship along and the rain tapped away at the wood of the deck.

It seemed that no one was on deck during the massive storm. The only living things that could be seen were rats scurrying along the sides of the boat looking for safe haven from the storm. All was quiet. lightning flared and for a brief moment something could be seen at the front part of the boat. It was a figure, a man. The man was wearing a black cloak with its hood up. The rain slid off the fabrick leaving it shining in the moonlight. Silver chains hung out from the cloaks sleeves. at the end of each was a small silver charm in the shape of a sword. the wind sent the swords flailing behind the man. He did not move and his gaze was set on something, something far away just on the horizon.

It was land, it was an island. Its mountanious peeks ripped there way from the surface of the ocean. Torch lights could be seen all along the island. Nestled between the mountains a castle began to come into view. Its lights shined the brightest of all. The torches shined off the castles white stone wallls sending its brilliant light through the darkness like a beacon, like a light house for the wandering boat.

The man on the boat turned around and started toward the living quarters of the boat. Lighting flashed through the night sky once more. In the briliant flash of light a colom of black mist shot down from the sky looking like death itself. The smoke settled infront of the man on the boat cutting him off from his destination. The man stopped his face covered by the shadow of his cloak. The smoke seemed to form into something, it began to take the form of a man.

The man was also wearing a black cloak. his had silver threading along the hood. The patterns along the hood looked something like hyrogliphics or a story. There were the outlines of men and woman and their villeges in one section and in the next it was the same men and women on their knees with there homes burning to the ground. The pattern continued all down the back of the cloak continuing to tell this horrible story. He also had chains coming down from his cloak but insted of swords at the end of his chains he had long, menacing hooks. long hair hung out from the edges of his cloak. The hair had a dark blue tint that blended into the night sky behind him. He looked deeply at the man infront of him, almost as if he was looking through him. the blue haired man looked at him only  a moment longer before he dropped to one knee and bowed his head.

“My lord, forgive absence.” the blue haired man said. his voice was that of a teenage boys. It was not deep but it was not childish, almost like an inocent adolesent voice.

The other man did not say anything at firs, he only looked down at the blue haired man as the rain continued to beat down on him and his disiple.

“Get up Rolice, we have a lot to do and i dont have time for your goveling.” Rolice picked himself up off of the ground and was once again looking at the man before him. “Where are the others?” the man said.

“All of them are in place, exactly where you wanted them to be. I also delivered the message to the castle as you asked of me.” Rolice explained.

The man looked back at the island “So they know we are coming then?” the man asked.

“Yes Sire, and they were not happy with your wishes. They told me to tell you that you will never reach the shores of the island. They promised full retaliation.” The entire time Rolice explained the situation the man walked back towards the tip of the boat as if he were waiting for something.

All along the island lights began to go out. It started from one side and went all the way to the other. then even the lights at the castle went dark. The whole island seemed to dissapear into the night sky. A few moments passed and then, at the base of the island, all the lights that went out seemed to reapear along the shore line. The lights were moving around franticly as if it were some sort of ritualistic dance. The boat was close enough now that shouting could faintly be heard over the sound of the rain that had faltered dramaticly at the arivle of Rolice. All the lights came to a stand still and were now pointed out to sea. the shouting was now inteligible and the last words that were shouted were “FIRE!”

All of the lights along the shore line shot up into the air and started to bow over and they began to fall like lighting bolts. all off the lights were coming from flaming arrows that were no doubt an effort to keep the cloaked man at bay.

The man looked up into the night sky, his demise staring him down from up above. As the flames drew nearer and nearer the light shined brightly revealing only the bottom half of the mans face that was once shrouded in shadows, and on that face grew a smile.

The arrows were only a few feet above the boat now and the smiling man was colm and unconcerned. He waved his hand and a purple mist shot across the night sky. All of the light in the night sky went black as if all the good in the world had died out to the darkness. Even the moon become compleatly covered by shadow.

The man looked back at Rolice. “Go my son, give the signal.”

Rolice nodded and once again dissapeared into a colom of black smoke that shot across the sky.

Just above the island a hole opended up in the clouds and down shot four more pillers of black smoke. Screams were heard from all over the island followed by a earth shattering roar of some unknown beast.


Chapter Two

Drake Clien shot up from his bed and looked around his room. His forehead was covered in sweat and he could remember every vivid detail of his dream as if he were right there when it happened. This was the third time he had had this dream and each time it felt like it was becoming more and more lifelike each time. He began to focus on his room as if to get a grip on reality once again. His room was in the old attic of his old house. The walls had been replastered and painted a very pleasent shade of blue. Sunlight beamed through the skylight above his bed and shined down on his book shelf along the wall. The bookshelf was full to capacity with books both old and new. His walls were covered with posters of medevil battle sceans and men fighting with swords covered with armor. Action figures scattered all around his room most of them still in thier boxes others standing on display posed to look like they were engaged in epic combat.

Drake put his feet to the floor and stretched his arms to the sky and with a bi yawn he finaly felt like he was back to normal. He got up and went to his dresser to pick out some clothes. He could smell his mothers cooking, even from his room in the attic.

“Smells like French Toast.” he guessed.  He grabbed his clothes finished changing and started down the stairs. the stairs of his house were old and creaky so every step seemed to send an echo throughout his house.

“Good Morning Drake!” his mother called from the kitchen. “Grab your brother its time for breakfast.”

“Okay mom, but he isnt going to be happy about it.” Drake turned to go to his brothers room. Drake was 16 and his younger brother Brian was only 13. They got along about as well as any brothers got along. They loved eachother but they hardly ever got along. Lately though, Brian seemed to be a lot more distant and he didnt care much about anything. Drake was beginging to get concerned but he figured it was some kid thing that he himself had already gone through.

Drake knocked on Brians door and shouted ” Yo, dingledork its time to wake up, mom made us breakfast.” there was no response. Drake waited a minute. “Brian! Dude im coming in if you dont answer me!” Still there was no response.

Drake opened the door to Brians room. The windows were covered up with a black blanket, blocking out any light making it hard to see into the room. Drake flicked on the light. Brian was sitting straight up in his bed looking right at Drake. His face was compleatly devoid of emotion and his eyes were blank.

“hey you ok man you dont look so good.” Drake asked.

brian looked at him.

“Uhhh….yeah, yeah I-Im okay. I just…..I just had a bad dream is all.” Brian looked pale and was now starting to looked scared.


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