Her Dream

Her-Dream“NO!” She cried. “Mother!” Jessica reached out for her mother. She was a little girl again, and reaching for her mother to come back to her. It was as if she was right there the day her mother had gone. Left an orphan, though she had her father, he didn’t care about her enough to care that she was hurting. He rolled his eyes at her and turned his back. She knelt by her mothers bed as they passed the infant to her father. He looked at it as if it was an alien. She stood up and grabbed hold of her mother’s bed sheet. Tears fell down her eyes. Again, her mother didn’t move. She didn’t look back at her, and she didn’t say a word. Suddenly, the room was empty. Only she was left there with her father, who knelt by the empty bed, crying.

“Why did you leave me?” He cried. “Why did you leave me with that… child.” He spit. “You know I want nothing to do with children!” He looked up at Jessica and gave her a growl. “WAKE UP!” He yelled at her. “WAKE UP CHILD!”

Jessica woke up.

“JESSICA!” Her father yelled. “GET UP! YOUR CAB’S HERE!” She could hear him stomping his way up the steps. He didn’t knock when he opened her door. “GET UP, GIRL!” He continued yelling. “GET DRESSED AND GET OUT! IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU GOT YOUR OWN PLACE!”


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