I’m sorry mommy

I’m sorry mommy, i could’ve been better.
I’m sorry mommy, i should’ve helped you more.
I couldn’t bare to look at you mommy, not while you were sick. Your eyes reflected so much pain as you grew weaker and weaker.
I shrugged off the pain mommy, day by day. I tried to protect myself from it. But i made it worse, drifting away from you slowly til i could no longer recognize you.
Please forgive me mommy, i didn’t mean to take you for granted.
I never resented you. Just the situation, you see.
I’m sorry mommy, for ignoring your cries.
I’m sorry i couldn’t take your pain away, but i could’ve eased it more.
Now your gone mommy.
All i’m left with is silence to fill my soul’s emptiness.
I love you mommy, but now its too late.
Death has reached fourth its hand and stolen you from me.
Daddy’s arms quiver against your fragile body, as he tightens his grip around you. Cradling you in his arms, he bargains with god to take him instead.
You fought to stay with us, but your body was too weak.
Your breath grows shorter as daddy’s tears hit against your cheek.
The roaring sounds of his cries fade away, as he shouts your name out above. Again and again.
From afar i could feel his pain. I start to panic as i feel the stinging sensation. My heart stops as his pain connects with mine.
I wasn’t home mommy, i couldn’t be there for YOU.
Daddy held my hand tightly, with his tear filled eyes.
He tried to be strong mommy, while telling me you were gone.
Please forgive me mommy, it just isn’t fair.
The pain you must’ve endured, without me being there.


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