Low blow

The pain seems to numb down as her ribs feel another blow from his leather boots imprinting itself into her body.
Her vision blurs against her swollen eyelids as the warmth of blood drizzles down her forehead.
Her brain sends the signal to move, crawl, roll, anything at this point really. But nothing happens.
It seems her body is disconnected from itself. As if She is watching herself in a dream or a nightmare…No, not a nightmare. Just, REALITY.

His words fade in and out as she struggles to keep conscious. Her head throbs as the stench of tequila brushes against her cheeks. “Your worthless!” he yells. Again and again. She feels his shadow hover over her as she hears the liquid slurp between his lips, gulping down the last remains.

The glass shatters above her head against the wall. He steps over her as if she’s trash, lower then trash. Just pretty much NOTHING. Not even worthy to be moved or put away. Wobbling drunkenly towards the bed, surprisingly his body hits his target. His breath grows longer as his eyelids drift into a deep slumber of peace, while his snores grow louder and louder.

Her fingers clench the rug, shakily attempting to drag herself through the shards of glass. The pain aches as she blindingly continues to move…

She makes it to the kitchen sink. Her fingers fumble through the objects as she searches for something she’s hidden away for protection long ago.

Inhaling a deep breath she manages to drag her body to the bedroom.

The door creeps open to his light breathing. His face is so peaceful with the light sneaking through the crack of the door.

Sitting herself up against the wall by the bedside, she just Stares…Watching, wishing, dreaming, reminiscing! Letting it all, each steal a second away, embracing the anger, love, regret, & happiness she’s ever had. Seconds grow to minutes. Then to hours, she just continues to stare at him. Wondering how they’ve both lost themselves. Lost the unity, that once was so strong. Letting the friendship fade, as the resentment grew. Allowing the seed of contention plant firmly in their hearts. “How does it get this far? Has this monster always been there? Or have I just evolved it?” She thinks hard to herself.

Holding the cold hard object up, Her finger lightly rests against the trigger. Tears flowing, they get intercepted by some blood coming down towards her chin

a loud pop. The gun goes off.

It’s done. She’s done.

Morning comes. He watches them lift her lifeless body away.

He sits there with a blank stare.
His hands reach out touching empty space with his tear filled eyes.

They search and question him.

As the policeman leaves he asks one last thing.

His face flushes white.
His eyes, bloodshot red, widen as his heart stops.

He nods, and says “No. I didn’t know she was pregnant.”



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