Untitled-1There is a torch burning in the end of the alley. It is the largest source of light to be seen on this dark night, except for a few windows in the houses throughout the town. Curfew has been called, and thus no one should be out and about. Alas, a beast in the corner lurks around through the shadows. There are no patrols, for there is no desire to suffer another fatal event. A beast is in the corner, but now, too, a homeless girl. They are both drifting through the ghostly grounds. No one knows where she comes from.

She is seen almost every day, but never noticed. She gets passed by on the corner where she occupies her time the most. At night she seems to disappear into the background, as unseen as any other day. Just as unnoticed. She knows of the beast, but knows not where it hides in the daytime. Sometimes, she sees it from a distance, but has never seen its face. It never had a face since she first saw it. Only a dark, gloomy cavity where a brain resides, but no face. No emotion. No way to tell if it is happy, sad, or even whether emotion can be detected.

She is never seen in the daytime except by the poorest of the poor, who have nothing to offer. She starves, but does not seem to take notice. The rich never walk this path. No roads, only a dirt path. No sidewalks. Only dust. Houses aren’t much more than clay and straw patted down upon branches and planks from the nearby forest.

I'm more a musician than a writer, but I still do enjoy writing every so often. I haven't been to college in about a year now, and have been accepted to employment as of this week (March 25th, 2014).

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