27 Oct Married Man – I’m Drunk

The bar was packed for a night of fun with the White collar people. These kind of people don’t generally grace their presence inside of a bar, but given all the cheese and crackers, what upper class-man could resist? The night was still pretty young,…

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02 Sep First Trip to Jeuno

Travelling up to Valkurm Dunes and back down to Bastok is quiet a chore, but I had to do it for the next ten levels. Destroying creatures with a few people makes battles go by a lot quicker, but your invetory fills up quicker to….

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28 Aug First Party

Final Fantasy XI here is a group-based game. which means that whenever you want to level up your character then you need to find a group of people and join their “party”. Level 1 through Level 10 are easy enough to do on your own,…

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16 Jul Married Man (The Prelude)

It was early fall, and the leaves were already beginning to melt into those beautiful colors.  The floors of the road were painted in red and yellow, while all of the sidewalks in town were swept clean. The College town was very active, with a…

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