My Morning Story has itself set on helping young writers become confident in their work while helping them learn new techniques and gain criticism.  There are many websites out there for writers all across the internet but very few offer the type of help really needed.

How My Morning Story Markets your work:

  • Each story goes through a minor editing process to make sure all spelling errors are corrected.
  • Stories/Poems are only posted twice a day. This gives ample time for users to read each piece w/out being bombarded by to many articles at once. The idea is simple: If you show 200 stories a day, you might have 200 people reading 200 stories. If you have 200 people reading 2 stories, there is a much better chance for comments and constructive criticism.
  • Under each story there are links to: Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Digg, and more.  These links help authors and those of us who enjoy the story to help spread it to other social networking websites. We recommend all users  taking advantage of these links – especially writers.
  • My Morning Story submits each story to our Twitter and Facebook pages.  This produces to over 500 people a day have the chance to see your story pop up. If you subscribe to My Morning Story on your Facebook, you can broaden that range even more. Email us to ask how: mymorningstory@gmail.com
  • Select stories have podcasts produced for them. This increases the amount of readers by giving each person the ability to listen to the story instead. This has worked great in the past and My Morning Story already has 50 people subscribed to its podcast. Subscribe to it by adding it to your Itunes feed today.  You can also help produce podcasts your self by sending in a audio file of your own.
  • Select Stories are changed and made into Books.  This gives a different feel for readers and enables people to add long books to My Morning Story. With the ability to flipping pages rather then scrolling down – People now have the ability to send links to friends and show case his/her book online.  Not any other site will do this for you. If you are interested in having a book of your own on My Morning Story please email us with your book and details.
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