Submit A Podcast

If you have submitted a story/poem and are interested in receiving more feedback or more hits on your work, all you have to do is create a podcast. I recommend listening to previous My Morning Story podcasts first to get an idea at what we are looking for. Just make sure to speak clearly and at a regular pace so people can follow along with you.

To submit your podcast:

  • Add your story on MyMS and save it as pending like usual.
  • Then send an email to mymorningstory@gmail.com w/ your audio file & name of story.
  • An administrator will add an introduction to the audio file and submit it w/ your story.
  • Expect to see your story on MyMS & Itunes within 7 days of submission.

How to create a podcast MAC owners:

  • Open Garage Band
  • New Project
  • Create
  • Delete Grand Piano Track
  • Goto Control > Turn off Metronome >
  • Goto Track >  New Track > Real Instrument >
  • Record
  • Now your done, just have to mix your project down
  • Share > Send song to Itunes > Change the name > DONE

To create a podcast through other programs are quite similar steps, sometimes even easier. If you are a Windows user I strongly recommend using the free program *  Audacity * This program is very similar to Garage Band and is just as easy to create a podcast. If you have any further questions or need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at mymorningstory@gmail.com  If you are concerned about Copyright information please check out our copyright page for all rights, and privledges.

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