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18 Nov The Calm

  The sparkling of light reflects off the water drops of the constant down pouring of the rain. The first sigh of relief, the first chance to breathe, at last the recoiling of the pain. Which seemed to have no end, the reuniting of friends…

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06 Oct The Escape

  I am greeted by you with a smile as the door opens and you see roses in my hand but still you say nothing. Instead you reach out and take my hand in yours and with the other you hold a bar of soap…

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11 Mar Bedroom Obituaries

Well there you go again, you’re digging a grave But it’s not in the ground this time, its six inches below your waist. Covers and Sheets are your weapons of choice to break boys down piece by piece, At this pace you’re going the whole…

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25 Feb Making Use Of A Chilly Morning

Randy, like foals at play we stumble twisted in sheets of passion twisted, just as you like it bent, spindled, mutilated spent burning flesh in the folds of desire undulating incubating fierce molded together like clay and wire images formed which would make folks blush…

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