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03 Jul ~~Jelena~~ Love ~~Story~~

*Selena Walks Into Classroom Holding Books Tight To Her Chest* Selena: Hey Ms.Glassman, sorry I’m late! I had an appointment *Takes Her Seat Beside Demi* Demi: Hey Sel, let’s see your teeth! Ms.Glassman: Girls, be quiet and pay attention! And Selena, it is okay! Next…

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25 Nov untitled skit

  unlit bare stage 2 voices VOICE 1 (hollers) everything! VOICE 2 nothing VOICE 1 (yells louder) everything! VOICE 2 (speaking volume fading) nothing VOICE 1 (screaming jubilantly) everything! VOICE 2 (whispers) nothing VOICE 1 (earsplitting blare) everything! VOICE 2 (silent)

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03 Oct you sick sweet f*c>I

they meet at hospital locked unit for torture victims undisclosed site no unauthorized access their condition experiences high risk public relations for war effort mainly patients seclude themselves in anxious solitude when not in anxious treatment they will remain under strict government surveillance until war…

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09 Sep Telepath Lalle

“I can feel it Kentdell.” I picked Ash up, covered my throat with my other hand and started wandering to find a way out. I got back to the other battlefield, it was a miracle. I’m starting to get a little weak, not good. I ran threw a wall of flame, my dead boyfriend in one arm and the other the other holding my throat, to come out on the other side of the door, to the outside and firefighters. The whole building was a flame. A couple firefights ran up to me, tried to grab Ash, I hissed. Literally hissed. They backed away.

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22 Jul indie eternity

JIMMY large nose natural hipster totally informed clever funny sincere yet aloof JOEY tall tan lanky physique long thick brown hair in braid striking good looks yet self-unaware SHANNON athletic build attractive brunette accomplished poet so good she doesn’t need to prove it emotional sensitive…

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14 Jul Overkillers – a comedy screenplay

Logline An over-educated gravedigger goes broke and starts up a new business – a very expensive suicide prevention hotline, causing many deaths. Synopsis Lenny is an archeologist but works as a gravedigger. His workmate and bosom buddy, Freddie, studied medicine. These two sometimes behave as…

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