Writing Coach


Do you daydream of being a better writer?

Are you a victim of writer’s block?

Do you have a bunch of stories in your head that you’re itching to free?

Are you unable to write daily?

Do you struggle with starting or ending your writing pieces?

Are you tired of me making you feel guilty by asking all of these damn questions?


Then perhaps it’s time for you to admit that you have a problem with writing. Yes, you holding that half-finished can of Red Bull staring at the screen. Have no fear my little writing buddy! Justine Monikue, your new writing coach, is here (if you want me, wink wink)!Wink


Justine Monikue, author and editor of the MyMS publication Let It Break, Up In Smoke from My Morning Stories: The Beginning, and Blow White, can help you slay the dragon that’s preventing you from writing that novel, short story, screenplay, blog, poem, and whatever else you may be composing that’s been collecting digital dust. 


As a writing coach, Justine will keep it real with you about your writing, help you become a better wordsmith all around, and craft a plan to keep your writing life on track and in shape.



  • Other benefits from having Justine as a writing coach include, but are not limited to:

  • Improved grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation.

  • Enhanced sentence and paragraph structuring.

  • Better POV, character, and/or plot development.

  • Defining and prioritizing writing targets.

  • Scheduling daily writing time.

  • Developing more writing inspiration.



If you think you’re ready to make your keyboard scream, and have a healthy writing life, tell us or tweet us @mymorningstory!


FREE writing coach sessions will be offered for a limited time, and on a first come-first served basis.


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